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The Insanity Question   

from The New Philosophy 1998;101: (whole number)

Table of Contents

Editorial Remarks: The Madness Hypothesis (Kurt Simons, Ph.D.)

Henry Maudsley on Swedenborg's Messianic Psychosis  (John Johnson, M.D., reprinted from The British Journal of Psychiatry 1994; 165: 690)

Swedenborg's Alleged Insanity (Brian M. Talbot, B.A., Dip. Ed.)

"Henry Maudsley on Swedenborg's Messianic Psychosis": Some Comments (Kurt Simons, Ph.D.)

Swedenborg's Contemporary Insanity Accusers; Also Reflections on the Underlying Cause of Insanity Charges  (Rev. Erik Sandström, Sr.)

Emanuel Swedenborg (Elizabeth Foote-Smith, Ph.D. and Timothy J. Smith, Ph.D., reprinted from Epilepsia 1996;37: 211-218)

Diagnosing Emanuel Swedenborg (James L. Pendleton, M.D.)

Emanuel Swedenborg, Prophet or Paranoid? (Thomas W. Keiser, Ph.D.)

"Emanuel Swedenborg": Some Comments (Kurt Simons, Ph.D.)

Seizures of a Spirit-Seer?  (Rev. Dr. Reuben Bell, D.O., M. Div.)

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