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Bayside Church
  • General Index to Swedenborg's Scripture Quotations by Arthur Hodson Searle
    Searle's Index has proved a useful compilation, especially to the New Church, during the last 70 years, and a second edition is now called for...
  • The Book of Leviticus Explained by Rev. Henry Maclagan
    After the publication of ... these were selected for the purpose, in order that the internal or spiritual sense of all the books of the Pentateuch might thus be before the public, and might show clearly the inner signification of all the laws of Moses...
  • The Book of Numbers Explained by Rev. Henry Maclagan
    ...it is next proposed to proceed in the same way with the book of Numbers, and as an introduction, to make some general remarks on the order in which the tribes of Israel are variously named in the Word, three distinct examples of which occur in the first two chapters...
  • The Book of Deuteronomy Explained by Henry Maclagan
    In commencing the exposition of this book, which, in its literal sense, is a recapitulation of the Law, as well as of the general history of what happened to the Israelites in their journey from Egypt to the borders of the promised land...
  • Book of Judges: Sermons in Explanation of the Singular Histories by Rev. Samuel Noble
    It is generally admitted by Christians, that the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the wilderness, is representative of the progress of man from a natural state to a spiritual one...
  • The Two Books of Kings Explained by Rev. Henry Maclagan
    Since the time that it pleased the Lord to open the Spiritual Sense of His Holy Word, through the instrumentality of Emanuel Swedenborg, thousands of persons have been enabled, more or less, to perceive the beauty and order of that sense, and to appreciate its practical value...
  • The First Three Kings of Israel by William Bruce
    I have long desired, I have for some time intended, and I am now to attempt to explain that portion of the Israelitish history comprehended between the beginning of the reign of Saul and the end of the reign of Solomon...
  • The Prophet Isaiah by Rev. J. H. Smithson
    As this new Translation of ISAIAH, together with an Exposition of the Spiritual Sense of these divine Prophecies from the works of SWEDENBORG, is now presented to the reader, it will be expected that the Translator should offer some preliminary remarks as to the work which,...
  • Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel by Rev. Robert S. Fischer
    The Divine truth is the Word, and its quality, are described by the Cherubs in Ezekiel I IX, and X; and as none can know what is signified by the particulars in their description but one to whom the spiritual sense has been opened...
  • The Book of Daniel: Its Prophetic Character and Spiritual Meaning by Willard H. Hinkley
    The book called Daniel is one of the inspired books of the Word. Although doubts have been cast upon its Divine origin and authenticity...
  • Spiritual Sense of the Histories of Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, and Daniel by Rev. J. Bayley, A.M., Ph.D
    These discourses have been issued to illustrate the principle enunciated by the Apostle respecting the history of Abraham, "Which things are an allegory."
  • An Exposition of the Prophecy of Joel by James Hyde
    Joel's place in History.-The only definite statement of personal history with which the prophet Joel supplies us is, that he was 'the son of Pethuel,' and concerning Pethuel the Scriptures are otherwise silent...
  • From Egypt to Canaan by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Bayley
    The divine history of Israel's freedom from Egyptian oppression, of their journeyings through the wilderness for forty years, and their settlement in Canaan, is the inspired record of regeneration...
  • Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew by Robert S. Fischer and Louis G. Hoeck
    Many at this time think of the Lord only as of an ordinary man like themselves. The reason is because they only think of His Humanity, and not at the same time of His Divinity, although His Humanity and His Divinity cannot be separated.
  • The Gospel According to St. Matthew by William Bruce
    The Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the most directly, if not also the niost deeply, interesting and instructive portion of the Divine Word. It records the greatest of all earthly events-the manifestation of God in the flesh...
  • Commentary on the Gospel According to St. John by Rev. William Bruce
    The gospel of the beloved apostle has so much a character of its own, that it is generally treated separately by those who take a synoptical view of the gospels...
  • Commentary on the Revelation of St. John by Rev. William Bruce
    No part of the Sacred Scripture has been the subject of such deep and anxious study as the Book of Revelation, and none has received so many and such various interpretations...
  • The Parables of the Old Testament Explained by Edward Craig Mitchell
    The Sacred Scriptures are the Word of God, written in a Divine way, and for a Divine purpose... in order to bring down the truth to the apprehension of natural-minded men, spiritual truths must be presented in corresponding natural ideas, in natural imagery...
  • The Parables of the New Testament Explained by Edward Craig Mitchell
    The word "parable" is derived from the Greek word parabole, to throw beside, to compare. It is difficult to give a distinctive definition of a parable; for an ordinary definition either excludes some essential element of a parable, or includes other forms of figurative expression...
  • Bible Manual (I) by American New-Church Sabbath-School Association
    This portion of their history, not being recorded in the letter of the Holy Word, is not representative of spiritual things, and possesses no peculiar sacredness of character.
  • Bible Manual (II) by American New-Church Sabbath-School Association
    This book in all our homes, so various in size, often occupying a conspicuous place, held sacred by some, and in high respect by all... whence came it, and why is it here?
  • Latin Schmidt Bible with Swedenborg's Hand Writing by Sebastiano Schmidt
    Swedenborg’s translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into Latin were deliberately literal... For his translations in the current work, Swedenborg relied heavily on the Latin version of Scripture produced by Sebastian Schmidt (1617–1696)...
  • Johnny Appleseed: A Pioneer Hero by W. D. Haley
    The far west is rapidly becoming only a traditional designation; railroads have destroyed the romance of frontier life, or have surrounded it with so many appliances of civilization that the pioneer character is rapidly becoming mythical...
  • Johnny Appleseed: Man and Myth by Robert Price
    Whatever else John Chapman may have been in fact or fancy, there is no doubt that he was as thoroughgoing an example of good old-fashioned American individualism as ever chopped out a clearing...
  • Johnny's Trail by Ann Eliot Crompton
    This story is almost true. Johnny really lived in Ohio in 1812, and his legend says he did most of the things mentioned in this book. The other people in the story are fictional characters, but they are very like the folk Johnny really knew...
  • A Visit from Johnny Appleseed and Other Stories by Kurt H. Asplundh
    This little book of children's stories from the Reverend Kurt H. Asplundh has been requested by a number of the parents of little children. Weare most happy to give it to our New Church public...
  • Sunday School Activity Book - Volume 1 by the Teaching Aids Committee of the American New Church Sunday School Association
    This booklet is the first part of a 4-volume set of activities to accompany the Dole Bible Study Notes -163 lessons in all...
  • Sunday School Activity Book - Volume 2 by the Teaching Aids Committee of the American New Church Sunday School Association
    This is the second of four Activity Books designed to accompany the Dole Bible Study Notes. The present volume contains the 40 lessons of Series IV as listed on pages xxviii and xxix of Volume 1 of the Notes...
  • Sunday School Activity Book - Volume 3 by the Teaching Aids Committee of the American New Church Sunday School Association
    This booklet is the third part of a 4-volume set of activities to accompany the Dole Bible Study Notes -163 lessons in all...
  • Sunday School Activity Book - Volume 4 by the Teaching Aids Committee of the American New Church Sunday School Association
    This book is the fourth part of a 4-volume set of activities to accompany the Dole Bible Study Notes -163 lessons in all...

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